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Sa 25. August 2018 20 Uhr
Dear Joe - Konzerte unterm Sternenzelt No. 15
Eintritt frei!

Dear Joe kommen aus Schweden. Ihr Sound ist eine Mischung aus Coldplay und Mumford ans Sons, und dabei doch so eigenständig und frisch.

Wir werden noch viel von ihnen hören!

Kalkberg-Oase, Hamburger Straße 64 (direkt neben der Kaffeerösterei)

Dear Joe Biography
It was 2010 and it all started with an idea to start a punk band. It turned into something quite
different. Although Joel Kriget and Harald Lönnbro formed the band, the members formed the
music and it became what it is today – a melodic and emotionally compact indie music
meeting folklore with their own touch of electronic ingredients.
It was in 2011 they had their first EP released. Miles Away made radio plays in
almost every country in Europe and finally in the US as well. Even in South Korea. On a tour
in Central Europe Dear Joe recorded the video for the title single “Miles Away” and
unknowingly started something of a tradition for the band, namely exactly that: recording
their own music videos.
It was in 2012 that Joel Kriget and Harald Lönnbro asked Johan Stenström to help
produce and record another five songs to make the EP an album. At the renamed Decibel
Studios the creative process of composing and recording saw Johan turn into the guitarist of
the band and later that year the album Every Eye was released.
Shortly after the band was joined by Josefin Palmstedt on bass. Her contributions
with bass synth and keyboards yet again finalized the sounds of Dear Joe.
In 2013, a crucial moment appeared after an out-doors show as the band was
approached by a German couple. They were spellbound by the performance and wanted to
buy the album but Kriget’s inability to remember bringing albums to the gigs instead started a
long and fruitful conversation. They were thrilled and began to help setting the band in
contact with agents and in June 2014 the band packed all their gear and headed south for their
first German concert.
In 2015 the band released their new single “Call My Name” together with the
German promotion company CE-Promotion and in early 2016 the second album “The Broken
Diamond” arrived. Both music videos for “Call My Name” and second single “Let’s Ride”
were recorded by the band on location in Germany and Stockholm.
The warm and true engagement from the audience made Dear Joe return for more and
extending visits and as of today they have completed seven tours in Germany and the
Netherlands and is already planning the next. The work on a third album is already in
In early 2016, drummer Harald Lönnbro regrettably decided to leave the band for
personal reasons and since the summer of the same year, Linus Svahn has replaced him and
did his first appearances for that summer tour

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